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Thanks for taking the time to visit us. It is our prayer that you will find our web pages uplifting and encouraging. We invite you to examine the materials offered here and we encourage you to feel free to provide us with your feedback.

Please check back often as we will be continually updating and expanding these truth-filled pages.

Here at Restoration Ministries we believe that as we near the end of this earth's history "one subject will swallow up every other --Christ our righteousness."

We are happy to be able to bring you Live audio sermons on this greatest of all subjects - "Righteousness in Christ by Faith." As the Lord continues to lead us into more light we will continue to make these messages available to all.

The latest audio addition to the series on Righteousness by faith is a sermon entitled "The Godhead and the Gospel ." To find this message simply go to the "Live Audio" section of our site. You will also find many other sermons there.

Check out "Articles on Righteousness by Faith" for an Open Face look at the subject.

Our Mission

Restoration Ministries is dedicated to the promotion of the truths contained in the word of God. In particular to the restoration of those truths which have been cast down to the ground and trampled underfoot by the papacy, and adopted by her daughters.

Our purpose is to motivate men and women to commit themselves wholly to the task of personal preparation for the coming of the Lord, and to the taking of the final warning message to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.

Live Broadcast

We are now trying out a different platform for streaming our live Sabbath services, so please give us your feedback as to the quality of the stream which includes both audio and video so we will be able to serve you better.

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