Righteousness by Faith

Over the past few months our Father has been leading us to a better understanding of the message of Righteousness by Faith.

This message has brought us a fresh understanding of the meaning of primitive Godliness and we have appreciated more fully the Love of God in giving his Son Jesus to become us.

We are confident that a proper understanding of this message will bring about a change in your life and will cause you to live in heaven even while you are on earth.

vintageMicrophoneDavid Clayton
Becoming what you are
Clarifying the issues

The end of the struggle
No other gods before me
The new creation
True repentance
In Christ
Why did Jesus have to die
A finished work
The two covenants
Being faithful to the faith

Amazing Grace
The Goal of The Law
The Judgment of Christ
Life After Death
The three gospels
What must I do?
The Dominion of the Law
The Foolish Virgins
The Broken Curse
The knowledge of Good & Evil
My kind of love
Heaven Came Down
God's Last Name

The Gospel of the Kingdom
Credible Witnesses
Seeing is Believing
A Point of Contact
The Spirit's Manifestation
The Godhead and The Gospel
The kingdom of God
Under the Law

Howard Williams
What is your identity
The fight of faith
The Gospel
Freedom from the law

Ken Corklin
Who Needed a Sacrifice

Neville Morris
How Good is perfect?

Restoration Ministries

Restoration Ministries is dedicated to the promotion of the truths contained in the word of God. In particular to the restoration of those truths which have been cast down to the ground and trampled underfoot by the papacy, and adopted by her daughters.

Our purpose is to motivate men and women to commit themselves wholly to the task of personal preparation for the coming of the Lord, and to the taking of the final warning message to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.

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