By David Clayton

I like to live at peace with my brethren and I want everyone who reads to understand that I am not writing with the intention of hurting or antagonizing brethren or belittling their beliefs. Please believe me when I say that my only reason for writing on this subject is my conviction that what I have to say is important because it deals with the issue of our witness as Christians and perhaps may even be critical to our salvation. With this in mind I am asking you to read this article very carefully and to give prayerful consideration to the points which are presented.

By David Clayton

Some years ago the following article was published in Old Paths . We have decided to republish it because we feel that it is especially relevant at this time in light of our present emphasis on Righteousness by Faith, and the increasing agitation in some quarters on the question of the Feast days. We have slightly modified the article.

Many Seventh-day Adventists, and in fact most Christians who believe in the observance of the ten commandments, seem to have a problem in understanding the issues which Paul faced and the arguments which he presented at the time when he wrote the letter to the Galatians. The arguments of Paul in the book of Galatians are very important, and understanding them is critical to a proper appreciation of the purpose and place of the law, as well as to a proper appreciation of the gospel. In fact, one of the issues at the famous 1888 Minneapolis General Conference was the disagreement between E.J. Waggoner and several of the leading delegates to the conference, on the question of the law in Galatians.


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