The Mystery Demystified

The Mystery Demystified examines the doctrine of God. Popular Christianity has declared that God is a Trinity, but is this what the Bible teaches? The difficulties in understanding this Trinity doctrine are explained away by declaring that the doctrine is a "mystery." This book takes an insightful look at the issue and presents the true biblical perspective presenting compelling evidence which makes it clear that the identity of God is not a "mystery."

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Restoration Ministries

Restoration Ministries is dedicated to the promotion of the truths contained in the word of God. In particular to the restoration of those truths which have been cast down to the ground and trampled underfoot by the papacy, and adopted by her daughters.

Our purpose is to motivate men and women to commit themselves wholly to the task of personal preparation for the coming of the Lord, and to the taking of the final warning message to every nation, kindred, tongue and people.


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