Welcome to the tract section of the Restoration Ministries web site. Jesus commands the believer to, “search the Scriptures.” Paul says “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” We pray that the following truth-filled tracts will help you in your study of God’s holy word.  Each study-tract is listed below with a brief explanation of its contents.

The year 1888 is a year of significance for Seventh-day Adventists. In that year two young ministers brought a special message which contained the formula for revival to the church. Many believe that this message was never received by the SDA church. This tract looks briefly at the question of what was the essence of that message, and whether or not it was accepted by the church.

There is no doubt that several teachings of the Adventist church have been adjusted or changed since the beginning of the movement in 1844. Have these changes been positive or negative? This tract examines this question taking a close look at one doctrine in particular.

There is a supernatural force at work in many Christian Churches today. Christians have every right to expect God to work mightily among them. However, does this movement bear the hallmarks of a work of God. Is this the work of the holy spirit or are there "Demons in the church?"

A brief outline of three basic and simple steps which a person needs to take in giving his life to Christ.

Most Christians would answer yes to this question, but do they really mean what they say? This tract reveals that the majority of the Christian world do not really believe that Jesus is actually the Son of God!

The greatest danger is that of religious deception. In this matter, everyone must be certain that he is taking the right path, for eternal life is involved. What is the greatest tool of religious deception today? This tract reveals the startling answer.

What lie of Satan strikes at the very heart of the Christian faith? What is this deadly lie which completely destroys the most vital elements of Christianity? This tract presents the answer in a simple way which is easy to understand.

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