The Mark of The Beast

A brief, but thought-provoking look at the question of the Mark of the Beast, presenting evidences which reveal the beast’s identity and his mark.

This tract tells the truth about the "Mark of the Beast". Everything in it is proven from the Bible. If you doubt anything, then you may look up the scripture references and prove the truth for yourself. Please read it carefully. This great crisis is almost upon us! We must be prepared to face it, but the only way we can really do this, is by obeying God, and God alone.

We read about the Beast in Revelation chapter 13. First of all we must understand something; is this a real beast? A real animal, or is it just a symbol?

Answer: A beast represents a kingdom
(Daniel 7:17, 23).

So this is not a real beast, but is in fact, a kingdom. To find out which kingdom this is, we need to look at some of the things which the beast did, and then see if we can find any kingdom which did such works.


1. He spoke blasphemies against God. (Rev.13:5,6)

2. He made war with the saints, and overcame them. (Rev.13:7)

3. All that dwelt on the earth worshipped him. (Rev.13:8)

4. He tried to change God’s law. (Dan.7:25)

5. He sat in God’s temple, exalting himself above God. (2 Thess.2:4)

6. His number is 666. (Rev.13:18)

There is not enough space in this tract to deal with all the evidence, but when we look at the six points above, we realize that there is only one kingdom in the world which could possibly be the beast. Let us now identify this beast.

THE BEAST IS: The Roman Catholic Church-kingdom, which is partly a church, and partly a political state. The head of the kingdom is the Pope, and the headquarters is the little state of the Vatican which may be found in Rome. Let me prove it: Just look at the six points I mentioned before and compare them with these facts:

1. Blasphemies

The Roman Catholic Church teaches that the voice of the pope is the voice of God. It teaches that he, as well as the priests has the power to forgive sins. In the Roman Catholic Church, sins are not confessed to God, but rather to the priests.

2. Made war against the saints

In the past, nearly 60 million Christians were put to death upon the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, because they dared to believe different doctrines than those taught by the Roman Catholic Church.

3. All worshipped him

There was a time when the Catholic church was the official church in nearly every country on the earth. Every person obeyed the Pope. Even kings would bow down before him and kiss his feet. Do you notice how popular the Pope is becoming again? Satan is preparing the way for the whole world to receive the "Mark of The Beast."

4. Tried to change God’s laws

The Roman Catholic Church has tried to change God’s laws (but they are as unchangeable as God Himself). In the copy to the Ten Commandments used by the Roman Catholic Church, the second commandment, which tells us not to bow down to images, has been removed. This is because in the Catholic religion, Catholics are encouraged to bow down before the images of Mary and dead saints.

Very importantly: The Roman Catholic Church has tried to change God’s law which says, "The Seventh day is the Sabbath of the Lord." They have tried to make Sunday, the first day, a holy day instead. But only God can make something holy.

5. Exalting himself above God

The Pope sits in the temple in Rome, and says that he has the powers of God, to send men’s souls to heaven or hell. He even claims that his power is above that of God, for he says that he has the power to change even the laws of God.

6. His number is 666

The Pope has been given the title, "Vicar of the Son of God." In the Latin language, this is translated as, "Vicarius Filii Dei." (Latin is the official language of the Roman Catholic Church). In the Latin language, letters are used to represent numbers. When we evaluate this title of the Pope using Roman numerals, we come up with the exact number, 666.

So then, the beast kingdom is the Roman Catholic Church kingdom, which is often called the Papacy, and the head of that kingdom is the Pope! God’s word condemns the system. It is anti-Christ, even though there are many sincere persons in it who truly believe that they are following the true way of God, but they must leave it and turn to the truth in order to be saved.

Now, here is the vital question: What is the "Mark of the Beast"?

* It is not a literal mark. God’s people are also said to get a mark in their foreheads. It is a symbolic mark. (Rev.7:3; Rev.14:1; Exek.9:4)

* It is not the number 666. That is the number of the beast, not the Mark of the beast.

*Take careful note of this point:

The mark of the beast will involve the breaking of God’s law.

* What is sin?

Sin is when we break the law of God. (1 John 3:4)

Is it sin to receive the mark of the beast? Yes it is.

So then, the Mark of the Beast, which is sin, will involve the breaking of the law of God.

What is the mark of the Roman Catholic Church?

The Catholic church says that it is the only true church. They say that they have the power to change even the laws of God. Can they prove it? They say that they can prove it. How? By the fact that they were able to change the Sabbath from the Seventh day, to the first day of the week. It was not changed in the Bible, but the Catholic church changed it, and everybody has followed their example. They say that this proves that they have the power to change even the laws of God. They say that this is A MARK of their authority. ( You may find these claims in a book entitled, "An Abridgement of Christian Doctrine."). So you see, the mark of the authority of the Roman Catholic Church, is the observance of Sunday as the Sabbath, rather than the Seventh day which the Bible commands. Therefore, since the Roman Catholic Church is the Beast organization, then THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS....SUNDAY OBSERVANCE!!

Sunday worship has always been the mark of false worship in all ages. People who worshipped the sun, set aside the first day of the week in honour of this false god. The Egyptians, the Romans, the Greeks and many others, worshipped the sun on this day. The Roman Catholic Church carried this heathen practice into Christianity many years ago, and gradually, the First, instead of the Seventh day came to be regarded as a holy day. They changed the Sabbath (but God never changes).

Soon it will become a law that Sunday should be set aside as a holy day. There are many religious groups who are trying to get this law passed. Soon, those who do not keep Sunday holy will not be able to buy or sell anything (Rev.13:17). God’s law says "the Seventh day is the Sabbath," but the "Beast Kingdom" will demand that you observe the first day.

Who will you obey?

Who will you worship?

Will you love God best of all? Will you obey Him even when your life is threatened? Even now the Pope of Rome is travelling from country to country becoming more and more popular. Everybody admires him, "and all the world wondered after the beast" (Rev.13:3). Very soon now, he will influence the governments of the world to make a law, that all men, "small and great, rich and poor, free and bond", shall keep the Sunday holy. The Pope is the only leader in the world who has strong influence in every country in the world, and we can see by this, how he will be able to bring about this law.

"All shall worship him whose names are not written in the book of life ...." (Rev.13:8), but, "if any man worship the Beast ... the same shall drink of the wine of the wrath of God ..." (Rev.14:9,10), "here is the patience of the saints, here are they that keep the commandments of GOD (not the commandments of men!), and the faith of Jesus." (Rev.14:12)

Where do you stand? It is time now to choose whether you will obey God, or man. Whether you will receive God’s seal, or the Mark of the Beast.

May God help you to make the right choice.


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