Join us for the live video broadcast of our church services on the internet on Sabbaths.

On the home page of this website, look for the link on the left side below the counter, or go directly to -

We are using a free internet software which makes money from advertsing, so we have no control over the ads that runs during our broadcast.

We are on EST and services begins at 10:30am.
We are also able to have interactions with our viewers through a live chat box, so you can simply register and join in with question and/or comments during our services.

We would love for you to join us in our services.
We would also love to know the quality of the stream as well so give us your feedback.

We sometimes experience internet problems during our broadcast which is due to fluctuations from our service providers.
There is nothing technically speaking that can be done about it, except pray, and we are praying about this problem, so look for improvement!

At Restoration Ministries we publish a bi-monthly newsletter "Open Face" which we offer freely upon request. Each newsletter is packed with Scriptural truths essential for salvation. If you would like to receive this newsletter simply send us your name and mailing address. We also offer an email version of the newsletter which is sent out in either PDF or RTF format. To receive an email version just send us your email address.

Please check our newsletter section for the latest September 2014 Issue of Open Face!!

Those who receive Open Face through a mailing address, and would rather receive the email version instead, please let us know!

We now have a facebook page thanks to the initiative of Annelie Clayton-Thomas.
You can visit us

We are strong Bible believers and endorse ALL that the bible teaches. The Trinity doctrine is not supported by scripture and we have a firm and solid foundation for our Anti-Trinitarian focus.
Please check out these articles under the heading "Godhead" at the following link:

And you can listen to audio sermons including "The Godhead Series" found at this link:

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